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CLHS is proud to be the ONLY Northern California log home restoration company backed by the top 2 leading log home product manufacturers in the United States.

California Log Home Services...

...better, at log home coatings removal, surface prep, & proper coatings and chinking application, period.

Please, enjoy the website!

Serving these local CA. areas


S Lake Tahoe

Pollock Pines





Shingle Springs


El Dorado

El Dorado Hills

Cameron Park



Pacific House

Granite Bay


Tahoe City


Twin Bridges



El Dorado County



Will travel further for high $ work.

CLHS does not service Nevada.

log cabin
log cabin
log cabin

 Talk with a log care specialist about your log home or building, email below.

log cabin
log cabin

Honest and hard working... Over time, I had researched many books, articles, log home maintenance companies, professionals, etc. on the proper and only ways to care for the logs. I knew ,that Dale knew, what he was talking about!

- Renee

log cabin

Excellent job on my Home. It actually turned out better than I thought since the Logs and decks were so dirty. It looks like a brand new log home. Efficient, neat, clean, on time, and did everything we agreed to. I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend this company.


log cabin
log cabin
Chinking Service
What is Chinking?
The "stuff" between the logs.

Today most chinking is a firm and flexible sealant for larger seams.

It gives the logs a finished & classy look but also it helps keep dust, pollen, wind, water, bugs, rodents, birds & bats from getting in between the logs or worse, inside the building.

Originally clay, mud & grass, then screen & mortar were used as chinking.


Logs like to move so Synthetic chinking is far superior to out dated chinking materials due to its flexibility, longevity, and color ranges offered.


Is chinking important? Yes, it completes the sealing of the building.

log cabin restoration
log cabin
log cabin
log cabin
log cabin
log cabin
Chem Stripping Process Only-

Not just "cleaning" like some companies only offer.

CLHS does staining prep in removal of old breaking down Stains/Coatings, UV ray graying, Pollen, Dirt & more deep into the pores. 

Electric Palm Sanding The Entire Log Home for above & beyond results.

Electric Palm Sanding Added   
log cabin
log cabin
log cabin
log cabin

Painting logs is not suggested, but sometimes it is necessary, such as purchasing a home that already has painted logs. CLHS also offers paint removal to the point of being able to apply semi-transparent stains again.

Call for a check on your painted logs today.

log cabin
log cabin
log cabin


log cabin stain
Back brushing the stain is not an option.
It is done thoroughly, multiple times.
log cabin
log cabin


See the classy difference chinking makes, along with the added protection from nature & elements.

A magazine picture of optimum level work is what you can expect from California Log Home Services.
Email today!

Cedar Siding Results

For the structures that are not all logs
log cabin
log cabin
log cabin
log cabin

North Hills, PA.

log cabin repair
Flir Thermal Imaging Service

See where the air leaks are.

If price is the largest concern, have all other estimates in hand before contacting CLHS

Located in El Dorado County, CA 

log cabin restoration

 In other words, A deep passion for working on log homes at a constantly improving top level! 
What more needs said?
There is a worth holding out for wait list. 
Construction and Extermination are not services offered by CLHS.
Thank you for taking the time to visit.
Contact California Log Home Services
for more information on Log Restoration or Preservation for your project.

Salespeople, your contact will not be replied to.

Thank you!

log cabin
log cabin
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